Shared and dedicated web hosting

Shared and dedicated web hosting

The aim of web hosting providers is to grant their customers with server space for storing data on the Web. In other words they host websites which can be controlled either by users or by the very web hosting companies. There are two main types of web hosting which differ by certain parameters – shared and dedicated.

Shared type of web hosting service is also known as mass hosting and is considered to be the most common one. The main feature of this type is that the server where an individual places his website will be shared by a number of other web users which are also the customers of this hosting provider. This kind of hosting is considered to be rather affordable and convenient. The cost of such service often depends on the number of users you share the server with. Shared web hosting also has its limitations which means that sometimes you don’t have the possibility to use some applications and scripts. It is the very hosting provider who deals with software installation, updates for your website and provides you with helpful technical support. The main disadvantage of shared web hosting service is the very sharing of the server as you depend on others. This means that when one of the customers you share the server with causes a problem your website may affected as well.

The way dedicated web hosting type differs from shared one is that with dedicated hosting you don’t share the server with other users. It is sometimes called a static web hosting. You have full access to the server and can place different websites there. With dedicated web hosting the business process and applications management are fully controlled by the customer. Among the advantages of dedicated web hosting are the qualitative well-organized service and high-speed connection. You also have the right to customize the content and applications of your website according to the terms of disc space and traffic. Dedicated web hosting is better than the shared one for establishing business related web presence because of your IP address uniqueness. Working as an individual is much more reliable and secure as you don’t depend on the activity of other users. Other advantages of dedicated hosting are FTP access and SSL certificate. With FTP option you can easily share your information through the Web and SSL certificate concerns online business and is required for secure transactions.

If you gain a dedicated web hosting you get the possibility to control your account fully and get the most benefit out of your activity. This kind of web hosting service is considered to be the most valuable on the Web that’s why it often costs much. That is known as the disadvantage of dedicated web hosting. But high fees are explained by the quality of service you get which in its turn will help you to establish competitive online business and soon compensate your expenses.

So what are the main reasons dedicated web hosting is better than shared one?

  • – It increases your website security as you don’t share your workspace with others
  • – You can have more disc space amount than with shared hosting for your web pages, features and multimedia
  • – You don’t have to share traffic and you get more bandwidth for transferring data
  • – You are provided with full control of your account and it is no longer limited in functions and features as with shared web hosting
  • – It provides you with more script and software options

Dedicated web hosting is for those who want to get qualitative and safe service. It will be a brilliant solution for establishing e-commerce source as it allows high uptime level, provides all necessary custom web applications and helpful customer support. So if you want your online business to prosper it is high-time for a dedicated web hosting.

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